Pasture feeding may improve nutritional benefits of red meat

Cardiovascular disease remains the primary cause of early mortality in the Western world and has largely been attributed to diets rich in saturated fat. Health risks can be reduced by substituting a portion of dietary saturated fats for polyunsaturated fats. A new review article in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) found that pasture-fed lamb meat is high in polyunsaturated fat due to the specific plant species consumed.


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Can you judge a man by his fingers?

Men with short index fingers and long ring fingers are on average nicer towards women, and this unexpected phenomenon stems from the hormones these men have been exposed to in their mother's womb, according to a new study by researchers at McGill University.

1 in 5 suicides is associated with unemployment

Unemployment can drive people to suicide. Numerous studies have demonstrated that there is a relationship between unemployment and poor health and that (the threat of) losing a job and prolonged unemployment can constitute a serious situation for those affected as well as their relatives.

A lower IQ has been linked to greater and riskier drinking among young adult men

Although several studies have shown an association between intelligence and various health-related outcomes, the research on cognitive abilities and alcohol-related problems has been inconsistent. A new study of the association between IQ-test results and drinking, measured as both total intake and pattern of use, has found that a lower IQ is clearly associated with greater and riskier drinking among young adult men, although their poor performance on the IQ-test may also be linked to other disadvantages.

Education 'experts' may lack expertise, study finds

The people most often cited as "education experts" in blogs and news stories may have the backing of influential organizations - but have little background in education and education policy, a new study suggests.

Intoxicated on YouTube

University of Pittsburgh analysis finds popular YouTube videos drown viewers with positive portrayals of drunkenness