Tony Delroy show story links for August 1

Who likes what they look like in their passport or drivers licence photos? And yet in these days of social media, especially career sites like Linkedin our headshots are increasingly important. Now scientists can predict how much people will like you, or trust you by looking at your photo.  University of York scientists have nailed what pics give what first impressions – and that changes subsequent behaviour toward the person.  

In the media, especially in TV, the impression you make on people can make or break a show. Now scientists can predict what you’ll like on the box by analysing the brain waves of just a few viewers. Brainwaves of 16 individuals were shown to predict accurately how the mass audience would respond.

A couple of blood tests will stretch our idea of what medicine can predict. 

One for cancer.

The other for suicide risk.

And too many soft drinks can impair memory and the ability to learn. Sugar sweetened drinks interfere with the brain’s ability to function normally, the scientists say.

A lack of sleep isn’t good for teens either – perhaps after drinking too many caffeine laden drinks. University of Adelaide research showing insomnia linked to anxiety and depression.

We pick up a lot of germs on our hands, and maybe even through handshakes. So maybe the US fashion of fist bumping could be an infection control.  The American Medical Association recently called for a ban on handshaking in hospitals, and UK research shows fist bumping spreads less disease.