How your brain works during meditation

Your brain processes more thoughts and feelings during meditation than when you are simply relaxing. - See more at:

E-cigarette awareness goes up, as (apparently) so does skepticism

Americans are unquestionably more aware of e-cigarettes, those vapor-emitting alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, according to a national survey. Yet, at the same time, the belief that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional smokes may be starting to diminish.

How octopuses don’t tie themselves in knots

An octopus's arms are covered in hundreds of suckers that will stick to just about anything, with one important exception. Those suckers generally won't grab onto the octopus itself; otherwise, the impressively flexible animals would quickly find themselves all tangled up.

@millennials wary of @twitter

Nearly anyone can start a Twitter account and post 140 characters of information at a time, bogus or not, a fact a new study’s participants seemed to grasp.

Victims want to change, not just punish, offenders

A series of experiments conducted by researchers affiliated with Princeton University has found that punishment is only satisfying to victims if the offenders change their attitude as a result of the punishment.

Tony Delroy’s Night Life – stories and links for May 9

Just keep your promises: Going above and beyond does not pay off

If you are sending Mother's Day flowers to your mom this weekend, chances are you opted for guaranteed delivery: the promise that they will arrive by a certain time. Should the flowers not arrive in time, you will likely feel betrayed by the sender for breaking their promise. But if they arrive earlier, you likely will be no happier than if they arrive on time, according to new research.