Story links for Tony Delroy’s Night Life May 23

It’s got to be one of the most famous movie moments – the I’ll have what she’s having scene in When Harry met Sally. And now a group of American scientists have created the Faking Orgasm Scale for Women. And they’ve looked into why women do it, which may give clues on how relationships can be improved.

And we often talk about the gut instinct and fear – now some proof that the abdomen does send fear signals to the brain. Zurich scientists cut nerves running from the gut to the brain and found rats were more fearless as a result.

One thing that many people fear is death of course, and while we’ve talked about quality of life a lot now there’s work being done on quality of death. New Canadian research into what makes a good death for people. And points to more work needed on emotional, spiritual and existential aspects.

Trust in strangers is vital for much of what we do each day, especially in cities, but how is it that we decide to trust total strangers.  It may have moire to do with feeling obliged to show respect for someone than believeing they are trustworthy.

In a week when Ebay admitted they’d been hacked it seems that reading a website’s privace policy may not be reassuring. People who read privacy policies are less mostly less trusting of the organisation.

And when you say some people may be allergic to mobile phones – it’s mostly to other people’s phones, but some handpieces could be causing dermatitis? It’s the nickel and chromium in some phones causing dermatitis on the face neck and hands.