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Review says inexpensive food a key factor in rising obesity

A new review summarizes what is known about economic factors tied to the obesity epidemic in the United States and concludes many common beliefs are wrong. Paradoxically, rising obesity rates coincide with increases in leisure time, increased fruit and vegetable availability, and increased exercise uptake. The review finds at least one factor fueling the obesity epidemic: Americans now have the cheapest food available in history.

How the gut feeling shapes fear

We are all familiar with that uncomfortable feeling in our stomach when faced with a threatening situation. By studying rats, researchers at ETH Zurich have been able to prove for the first time that our ‘gut instinct’ has a significant impact on how we react to fear.

How movies may make you drink more

Alcohol use is often portrayed positively or even glamorized in movies. "Alcohol portrayals are depicted in the majority of movies, 80 to 95 percent, and that they are mostly framed or portrayed in a positive manner," remarked researcher Marloes Kleinjan.

Reading privacy policy lowers trust

Website privacy policies are almost obligatory for many online services, but for anyone who reads these often unwieldy documents, trust in the provider is more commonly reduced than gained