Links for stories with Tony Delroy’s Night Life June 28

OCD breakthrough – optogenetics

By applying light stimulation to highly specific neurons in the brain, the researchers managed to re-establish normal behaviour in mice

Irrelevance turns things invisible

There's such a blizzard of sensory information out there, the brain would be overwhelmed if it weren't for a spotlight process of selective attention that allows us to focus

Make a fist and avoid the yips

The next time you're faced with a high-pressure situation in sport, try squeezing your left fist tight for thirty seconds

Huge falls in diabetes mortality since mid-1990s

Both the UK and Canada have experienced huge falls in diabetes-related mortality since the mid-1990s, with the result that the gap in mortality risk between those with and without diabetes has narrowed substantially

Less sleep – more anxiety

A lack of sleep, which is common in anxiety disorders, may play a key role in ramping up the brain regions that contribute to excessive worrying.

How men and women cooperate

While men tend to match their partners' emotions during mutual cooperation, woman may have the opposite response